10,000 Words!

I got to 10,000 words right on time, and with it the first four chapters of my book. I’m still not sure of a name for it, so for now I’m literally calling it ‘Jetta’. Hopefully I’ll think of a name for it eventually. Anything I say for now on might be confusing if you don’t go read the first post I made about this.

So far I’ve introduced two different off-worlders, Cliff and Dlane. Cliff hasn’t really had much character stuff going on (because he’s been unconscious too often), but Dlane has had quite a lot of attention. I really like my plans for Dlane, and I look forward to getting to write her in a different setting.

Speaking of which, they’re still in the town and haven’t yet left to go save Clay (Cliff’s brother, if I forgot to mention), which kind of concerns me a tiny little bit considering I’m 10k  words in. If I ever decide later that I hate how long the beginning is I’ll obviously change it, but for now I think it’s okay.

Moving on, I’m kind of realizing that I don’t have any huge plans for Cliff yet, though I know it’ll come to me eventually. Though, now that I’m thinking about all the ideas I do have I realize that my book might end up with more than 30-50k words.

There are also some other character that I was going to introduce in the beginning but changed my mind and only put in two of them, and honestly I’m kind of missing the ones I didn’t put in. They’ll get their chance, though.

Well, I’m running out of things to say, so I guess that’s it for the 10k post. I’ll post another once I get to 15 or 20k words. Also, huge thinks for those who liked the last post about my book and for those who started to follow my blog. If anyone has any questions about the book they can feel free to ask.

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